Two Guys and a Dolly

James waited for me in the parking lot as I was pulling in. Today proved to be another hot day in the Sunshine State. At 12:30, we started the move to the new apartment. James and Melanie had upgraded their lives from a 1-bedroom to a 2-bedroom.

I walked in the apartment and the boxes were packed and ready to go. We made a plan to first move the boxes and then the furniture. Melanie supervised our activity from the couch. Once we moved the couch from the first apartment to the second, Melanie and her puppy followed.

An hour into the move, our shirts were drenched and dehydration started to set in; we took a break. I drank my cold bottled water and poured the remainder on the back of my neck. Rested and re-hydrated, we picked up where we left off.

A dolly helps save time and energy. They come in different formats but the premise is the same: a base with wheels to stack boxes or move heavy items. A dolly allows for greater efficiency by decreasing the number of trips. For example, a dolly will allow you to move 4 boxes, at once, instead of picking up and transporting 1 box at a time.

James and I moved the last of the fragile items. We reached his budgeted time so our business was concluded. At the end of 3 hours, the heavy and fragile items were moved to the new apartment. After a quick lunch break, James would complete the move, by himself. I gave James a warm smile and wished him good luck, maybe in more ways than one.

Better Call Xavier

Gary and his wife Jamie had been making the trip down to Florida for 20 years now. To escape the rough winters, they sought out the warmth in a familiar place close to the beach. Every year, they reunited with friends from across the continent. Kids attend summer camp, retirees winter in Florida.

The tight knit community was organized and word traveled fast. The community upgraded their vigilance to high-alert; they all knew I was coming. By the end of the task, I had met several of the couple’s neighbors and friends.

Gary hired me through the app his granddaughter recommended to him. After a few initial messages, we exchanged numbers; this was all new to him. The couple needed help with moving their bags from the car to the third-floor, elevator-less, apartment. The sedan was packed efficiently. For the 3-month trip, Gary and Jamie had only brought the necessities. I completed the job in under an hour and we both agreed to stay in touch.

As I was leaving, the neighborhood watchdog called out, “Hey kid.” A couple from Tennessee had just arrived and were exhausted. We introduced ourselves and I told them I could help with their luggage. After a gentleman’s agreement, I opened up the trunk and proceeded to move the contents out of the sedan.