Burger Guy

The intoxicating smell, or maybe just toxic, hit me as soon as I closed my car door. I packed the 26 burgers and 18 orders of fries into the trunk of my sedan. I started the GPS and the delivery distance was, luckily, only 5 miles away.

With the windows down and vents set to pull in air from the outside, I made my way to the drop off location. The fresh air and cool wind in my hair turned into the stagnate, chemical-laced cloud that hangs over burger joints across the nation. With 1-mile to go, I gagged and responded by setting the fans to the maximum level.

As I waited in the client’s lobby, every passerby stopped and took a double take at the bags from the burger joint. First, they were hit with the trademark smell and next they saw the iconic packaging. Their eyes widened, mouths salivated and they were reminded that it was lunch time. These folks just had no idea.

A Rabbit Proposal

John had been planning his proposal to his girlfriend for weeks now. While she knew that the time was ripe for marriage, she did not expect it would happen today, a Tuesday morning. With all coordination in place, John just needed to press play on his plan.

When I arrived at the suburban neighborhood, John seemed a bit flustered. His job description mentioned something about a marriage proposal, but it was quite vague, most of these write-ups are. John walked me through the plan.

The first delivery I made contained a box of chocolates. The delivery would not raise any red flags as John was unavailable to his girlfriend for the past few days. A box of chocolates to his love signified: “I’m sorry, I love you.” A little while later, I feigned forgetfulness and delivered another package to the house. This time, John sent her an album of memories: inside jokes, pictures, and quotes; the last page asking the ultimate question. In tears, shocked, and bewildered, his girlfriend called John.

By this time, I positioned myself strategically across the suburban lake to capture the moment from afar. To meet her prince, his girlfriend needed to walk outside and go behind the house. After, what felt like 30 minutes, she appeared before John. With rose peddles laid out and champagne nearby, John got down on one knee. Across the lake I received the “all clear,” she had said yes. I moved in closer and switched lenses to capture the moment in portrait. We finished taking photos and I hugged the couple wishing them Mazel Tov. My work was done here.