You Saved my Life

You Saved my Life. Those 4 words make all the difference. As a Tasker, I execute the projects, tasks, and chores that my clients are unwilling or unable to do. I’ve delivered gifts, waited in line, helped with moving, and assembled furniture. With over 100 jobs completed in the past year, I’ve seen my fair share. This past weekend I took my first bar-tending job for a dinner party for 30.

My introduction to alcohol and serving it in large quantities dates back to 2005. My college roommates and I threw large house parties at our off-campus housing. With no large Greek life presence, our parties attracted the basketball team, classmates, and visitors from other schools. At some point, we experimented with selling JELLO shots as a way to make extra money and enhance our guest experience. The initiative failed as they took too long to produce and we lacked quality control. By the end of my college tenure, I had plenty of experience with purchasing, transportation, manufacturing, sales, and distribution.

Nina picked up the phone and sounded a bit stressed. Her dinner party to celebrate her sister’s birthday was less than 24 hours from now. She lacked the experience of purchasing supplies and running a bar; she was counting on me to make this work. I assured her that everything would be alright and provided her with a shopping list of spirits, beers, wines, mixers, and other miscellaneous items. I told her I would arrive early the next day to ensure everything was ready to go.

I arrived to the house in the gated community at 5 and greeted the caterer and event decorators. Nina was out picking up the cake from the bakery and buying some last-minute items. I let myself in through the garage and started gathering my supplies. I found a beautiful, tall, wooden fish tank stand that could double as my bar. I set my spirit bottles on top of the faux-bar with the label facing outward, as I had often seen at restaurants, bars, and catered parties. I sliced up limes into eighths for the caipirinhas, caprioskas, Modelos, and other mixed drinks that I would be serving. Around 6:30, the guests started arriving and the alcohol started to flow.

At the end of the evening, Nina said the 4 magical words that makes a Tasker beam. She promised to tell her friends about me and the various ways I can help. We hugged and said our goodbyes. With a smile from ear to ear, I left the party with one more story to tell and one task closer to 200.