Let Me Do It!

This week, I paired up with another Tasker to take on a moving job in the neighborhood. Michelle needed to get her 20-foot moving truck loaded up as she was moving out of state for a new job. Michelle’s mother, Nancy, flew down from New York to help her daughter with the move.

We started midday with the sun at its highest point and humidity index off the charts. We entered the home and climbed the stairs to find boxes, furniture, and unpacked items strewn throughout the 3-bedroom apartment. As Michelle prepared to leave the home, her kid brother moved himself in. Luckily enough, Michelle labeled the boxes and had good oversight on what was hers.

I led our two-man team and we started filling the truck with the largest items first. I had helped clients before and I was proficient with filling and organizing vans, trucks, and moving pods. After the large items, we planned to fill the rest of the truck with boxes and miscellaneous items. Taking a quick inventory of Michelle’s belongings, I estimated to fill about three quarters of the truck.

Nancy, a confident and strong-minded woman, introduced herself and began peppering us with questions about our experience and expertise. We gladly answered her questions about the app and our credentials as movers. As we were organizing the large items in the truck, she climbed into the back and started directing us on how to place them. She wanted to stack the furniture pieces as high as possible to ensure everything would fit. We obliged and she stayed in the truck for the entire two-hour move. Nancy, dripping with perspiration, organized and reorganized items as we brought them into the truck. At some point, I sincerely asked her if I could bring her some water. In the end, the larger pieces towered a few feet over the shortly stacked boxes, poising an opportunity for damage.

My clients sometimes need total control to remain at ease. I provide my recommendations and leave it up to them to decide on course of action. We thanked Michelle and Nancy and wished them good luck and safe travels.

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